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Live Chat

The fastest way to help your customers.

Your business offers great customer service at your physical locations. With Live Chat, you can offer that same great service to your website visitors instantly. Setup is a snap, and with the option to manage the chat in-house or have MDS Brands industry experts manage it for you, what’s not to love? Pairs nicely with: Website Design

Fully Managed, House Managed,
or a Combination of both

Manage chats in-house, utilize MDS Brands dedicated industry professionals, or a
little of both.

100% real USA based individuals with industry experience who take the time to learn
your unique business needs.

No canned response or chat bots that create poor customer experiences.

Quick and easy set up on your existing website, in under 2 minutes

Seamless integration with your current CRM system.

There are customers waiting on your website.

All it takes is one line of code inserted into your existing website, and you are off to the races. Meet your customers where they already are on your

Live Chat is trusted by 28,000+ companies worldwide.

The experience that our dealership has had with MDS is outstanding. They are extremely polite with the customers and very thorough with conveying information to the consumers as well as supplying us the dealer with any feedback that the consumer had.

– Garrick Ochoa | Boat House Marine


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