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Virtual BDC
& Call Center

Scale your business with pro Inbound & Outbound

Specialized agents fully and seamlessly integrate into your existing systems to acquire, manage and nurture your leads on behalf on your company. With us filling the gaps and optimizing where necessary, your business can focus on the lowest hanging fruit.

Pairs nicely with: Call Campaigns, SEO

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How does Virtual BDC work?


Forward your Email, Phone, Text, Chat, and Facebook Messenger leads to MDS's BDC Software CallersIQ.


Forward your Email, Phone, Text, Chat, and Facebook Messenger leads to MDS's BDC Software CallersIQ.


Forward your Email, Phone, Text, Chat, and Facebook Messenger leads to MDS's BDC Software CallersIQ.


Inbound on your side


Lead Response

Appointment Setting

Live Chat Management

Facebook Messages Management

Outbound for Growth


Reveiw Generation

Warranty Renewals


Event Promotions

Appointment Settings

Communication Channels




Facebook Messages

Live Chat

100% USA-Based

Headquarters in Sacramento, CA. All agents are native Engish speakers.

Benefits of Virtual BDC

Lower Cost

Considering hiring and training a team of BDC employees? No need. We got you covered, for way less.


All BDC follow-up activities such as: Calls, Emails, Texts, Live Chats, Tasks and other communications are logged in your client dashboard and accessible for your review 24/7.


Customize a BDC strategy that best fits your current business needs, and make adjustments as those needs change

Increased Sales

The numbers don’t lie. Our clients enjoy a minimum of 2% annual increase in conversions. They have the highest closing ratios in their industries.


Marine & Water Sports

RV & Power Sports



Real Estate






Dedicated Account Manager and Agents

Wealth of Knowledge and Friendly

Work with a dedicated account manager that knows the intricacies of your industry and can provide you with data driven best practices

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Happy Companies

5 Star Google

Customer Satisfaction

1.5 Million+

Leads Generated

$750 Million+

Revenue Generated


How quickly can you respond to email leads?

Answer:We pride ourselves on responding within an average of 10 minutes of receipt. Most of the time this is within the first minute.

How often do you contact the customer?

Answer: We can contact your customers as often as you’d like and the amount of calls can be customized based on the call status. For example, if we attempted to contact a customer and they did not answer then we can try back the same day, the following day, or a few days later. If we contacted the customer and they’ve already been taken care of then we can try back in 30 days to make sure everything is going well, etc.

Where are your callers from?

Answer:All of our callers are from the USA and mostly stationed in sunny California.

Can you send text messages to customers?

Answer: Yes. Each salesperson / champion will have the capability to send text messages to their leads using a unique phone number assigned only to them.

What are the hours?

Answer:We operate during normal East Coast business hours.

How much does it cost?

Answer: Although we monitor your leads during all business hours, you will only be charged for the amount of time spent working on your behalf. Time spent waiting for leads is not billed to you.

Can you use a local phone number?

Answer: Yes. We can use a phone number that is local to your area so that your customers will have peace of mind knowing they’re receiving a call from your dealership and not a spam or robo-call.

Do you call all of our customers for us?

Answer: We can call all or some of your leads. It is completely up to you and this can be customized to fit your unique needs.


“MDS is a dedicated team of top notch individuals that have done wonders for our digital presence. They took ideas that their competitors said weren’t possible and turned them into reality. I highly recommend Joseph and Amir, along with the rest of their team to anyone considering a change in their web presence. 5 stars!”

– James | Long Lake Marine

“Great company to work with. They really go above and beyond to make make the experience perfect. I have even recommended them to many of my customers and they have all agreed as well. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Jeff Backus | First Approval Source


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