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Website Design

Fastest Dealer Website Platform In The World

Give your customers the absolute best user experience possible and watch your lead volume skyrocket. 100% custom design, ADA compliant out of the box, built using the same technology as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Paypal and other tech leaders.

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Discover excellence with cutting-edge website design and development. We specialize in crafting unique, custom-designed websites that seamlessly marry aesthetics with functionality. Our focus on SEO ensures your site not only looks impressive but also attracts the right audience, boosting lead volume and enhancing user experience. Elevate your online presence with our world-class services – where creativity meets results. Built using the same technology as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Paypal and other tech leaders.


Step into the future of inventory management with our MADIS AI, effortlessly add inventory with real-time updates from the manufacturer. Streamline your inventory with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Elevate your content strategy with our MADIS AI-integrated blog platform. From crafting engaging articles to generating meta tags, our system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to modernize content creation. Take it a step further with automated email campaigns, precisely targeting your audience for maximum impact.

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Key Features

Custom Design

We work closely with you to create a website that suits your specific buisiness needs, brand, and taste.

Optimized for Mobile

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with our easy-to-use inventory center. The industries only true mobile app with built in AI.

CRM Lead Integration

Seamless integration capabilities ensure that the leads generated from your website are channeled into your CRM.

Video Content

Unleash the power of swift browsing as our websites effortlessly accommodate high-resolution video content, ensuring a buffer-free experience throughout every corner of the site.

Window sticker

Automatically generate window stickers with unique QR codes for your inventory, blending digital and physical experiences.

Google Analytics

Own your data

Experience It For Yourself

Joseph, Amir and the rest of the Marine Dealer Solutions team have been a top notch service to our web platform. They’ve provided us with industry leading quality and routine support that never fails to impress.

– Jarrod Langlois | Long Lake Marine


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